What This Blog Is For

Sun Mar 5, 2023 | 369 Words

Why This is here

I want to make cool things. They don’t have to take a particular form they just need to be cool. It’s my belief that by making this little corner of the internet for me to share my thoughts I will be better motivated to make those cool things. There are no rules here except my own and no expectations except my own. So I think I will be an ideal space to share what I love and do. Often we share ourselves only through the lens of others. There are courses and UMD like CMSC3890 that only function to prepare to market and present yourself, more over resume and CV support and guides are a dime a dozen (UMD Resume How-To Guide). There is nothing wrong with this, marketing yourself as an individual is one of the most important skills anyone can have. However, perpetually sharing your work under others’ constraints, I believe, removes much of the joy of sharing. There is something blatantly refreshing in sharing your work, insights, thoughts, and projects on your own terms. So here I will do just that.

I also think it is worth noting that writing like this on a regular basis will improve my skills when it comes to technical communications. Hopefully, I will be able to more complete and quickly form meaningful ways to communicate my thoughts. I also think this blog will be good practice for teaching.

What I will talk about

For the most part, I expect myself to talk about technical projects (programming, CAD, Linux) but that won’t be it. I will also want to speak on topics like time management, music, old technology, accommodations in college, navigating college, research, books, health, and whatever else I want to.

A little intro

I little about myself, I am a freshman at the University of Maryland College Park. I am a Computer Science major. I am dyslexic and colorblind. Most of my hobbies somehow relate to tech. I have taught programming before. I am the lead engineer for an on-campus startup (Sustaibli). I run dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 11. Hopefully, I have something of interest to share with you, if not enjoy your life.