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Very good. Slow but these movies are. The Doctors hard love and did care although he did not show it. The small moments where he showed care for Yakuza. Yakizas death was sad he put all his trust in a system that failed him. He also turned his back on the only women that loved him. He was lonely in the end and the beginning. There was a whole side plot with the doctor’s female acquaintance (I am not sure of the relation) was previously involved with the new boss. Doctor and Yakuza were bad but they needed each other.

The Thing

It a good movie, not the best but not bad for a 80s horror. I can see why it had the impact it did. The effects were great for being practice but in that 80s cheesy way. They will pull you out of the movie if you let them but if you look at them for the art they are it pulls you in. The ending was good I like not know if McReady was infected or not. The elements of horror were there for sure. Its not a pursuit of are but entertainment and taking that into account it complete its goal. Every cast member played there roles well but Curt Russel took center stage and owned it. There is something very charming about it. Very cult classic.

The Sound of Music

A classic. Although a musical which is not usually my thing I enjoyed it. The music is lovely and I was honestly very enthralled in the plot. (I have forgotten all the names) Would the father return to his old ways would the kids see the nany again. I thought it would be over when they got married that what I was most invested in. But right as I was very happy to see it happen the Nazis show up. Although a constant in the plot I was really hoping nothing would go wrong. The final chase scene was very good. And I was relived they got out. Also the script was well dont I loved the jokes not enough for a laugh but very cunning. I loved watching this with my mom its one of her favorites


David Lynch in film school there really is not more to say. Out of all of his films I have seen that one had the most out there plot. In the beginning is was challenging to follow as you began to try and figure out what was happening. The world building was excellent. Not in the “oh that makes sense” way more in the “what the fuck” way. This is not bad however the movie is extremely engaging as you try and decider was is happening. I am still unsure of the lessons and connections. It was a plethora of unexplanble but bizarrely connected mysteries. This movie has so many insane shots and unexplained moments. Like the chicken sense or the tap dance or the slug bed scene. A indescribably and a great movie. Go in knowing as little as possible.

Inside Job (Season 1)

It was an entertaining background show. The most redeeming feature is world-building. Conflicts with the main character’s parents were the emotional appeal which was appreciated exactly as shows like this tend to have a lack of progression and a Simpsons like the episode-to-episode reset. As shows like this go it did an excellent job of exploring the relationship between friendship, work, and family. very well for what it is but I would not rewatch this nor did I leave with questions or in a state of amazement. I did see a little of myself (and a lot of my fellow comp sci majors) in the main character which was a redeeming quality.

See how they run

A self aware yet entertaining who done it. This movie was not only entertainment due to its content but its awareness of what it was and extortion of motif. The ending was spelled out in the beginning and many of the later actions were eluded to. The characters were lovable, reliable, and funny. the comedy was on point. Every joke was crafted well, thoughtfully, and was well timed. I loved it absurd and fresh execution of setting, circumstance and character. This movie managed to not only be funny but have some meaning takeaways. The detective that wanted to work on his own and the overzerouls new retructe learn to respect eachother. Usually overplayed but in this movie, it was a breath of fresh air. The characters were excellent.

CyberPunk Edge runners

Wow. My jaw was wide open for about 5 minutes 4 times through out the show. Between the extreme highs of the show the world building holds its ground. The animation style is brilliant (the intro tells you that on its own) at times it evokes cow boy bebop at others the watering secen from Evangelion. Most of the time what left you amazed was the absolute willingness to kill off characters. It made the world so much more relisteic and gritty. The watcher was foced into the idea of this trucly being a dangerous place where you can die at any secound. The main characters relationship was a good story line but would not have stood on its own. Main goin superphyco was on of the best sencse I have wathced recelrly. The animation and story combined to make somthing that blew me awawy.

House 1977

This was an experience to say the least. It should be bolded in the distribution of this film. I was confused but thoroughly entertained. The styling of this movie is like any other. The effects are over the top but in that ever bizarre and entering 70s way. The cinematography can only be described as bizarre, however very refreshing. This movie does not pull you in, it is more and immerse you via normal means. That’s what makes it so good. It evokes an even more non-musical version of Rocky Horror picture show. It shares a lot with that film. They have a similar nak for skeptical, and musical numbers although in a different context. There is a horror aspect although I can’t say I found the movie scary but it does not need to be. Its illogical nature however would scare a Vulcan. It is cult classic material to say the least. If you are bored of the usual format check this movie out.

Star Trek (1979)

It was good in that old sci-fi way. Entertaining for sure. Not great but entertaining. For the most part I think the Voyager revile was the best part. It felt more like a episode than a movie. I would watch it again but not chose it over to much else.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

Way better than the first. The reveali of kirk’s sun and the relastionsip with the doctor was a good point. The rist invodeld was trand. The revwal of the coded plann to get teh enteripse back to operation was exllent and the final fight secene engaging. By far the best movie in the serias so far.

Inside Job (Season 2)

The first season was good background watching. The second made me think it was good background watching until became great watching. There is a episode development for Bret focusing him not being a yes man and doing what he wants to do. One for Myc’s giving up his ties to his mushroom family (turns out they are all aliens to that came to take over humanity). Rand continues to try and get back with Tamiko. The main focus of the season was on Reagan and Ron’s relationship. Both are consumed by and fed up with their jobs. This leads discussing their issues in a closest. Then after almost destroying Rome they started dating. Rand then starts changing the time line in hopes of fixing his relationship. Turns out that was always a key motivation. The final episode hurts, iin my option it stands alone as a 9/10. Reagan has to decide between being one of the robes or leaving everything behind to be with Ron. She looks for a timeline where him and her are happy together. There isn’t one she erases his mind and leaves him to be happy while she goes with the cloaks

Star Trek III: The Search for spoke

Not to much exceptional hear. It felt like another episode in the series. The direct continuation from the last movie makes me feel like this was somewhat dragged out. There was a lot of good, I felt like the story of the hostages on the planet was engaging aw well as the theft of the enterprise and the crew putting everything on the line to save their friend.

Empire of Light

Exquisite, emotional, dramatic, stressful, uncomfortable honest, and beautiful, a piece of cinema that takes full advantage of the medium. Every shot had meaning. It was at times the most uncomfortable movie to watch in a long time. Implementing architecture and light into shots each of which sets a scene and could act on its own as a picture. Some of the movies speak to the beauty of movies and the AFI was the perfect place to enjoy them. How much steven cares for Hillary is meaningful it feels wrong but meaningful non less. The racism Seven faces are discussed as well as the sexism and abuse Hillary faces. Each actor brings a stunning performance, each worth a movie of its own. As a viewer, you are in full-on conflict throughout the moves. There are moments I was shaking from stress others tears of joy. The story of This movie keeps changing it morphs in front of your eyes each point of the story is natural and does not feel forced. It rather feels real and raw. The display of schizophrenia I believe was one of this film’s greatest feats. Olivia Colmans’ performance speaks for itself. This movie reminds me of why I love cinema, it breaks my heart and puts it back together all while looking giving my eyes something to feed on. 10/10 11/10

Star Trek IV: the voyage home

I can only ask what just happened. The two movies before this in the series added up. This was a twist. Was it a enjoyable moves yes. The juxtaposition of the 23rd and 21st century were funny. I felt like all rules were thrown out the window but I should just accept that when it comes to Star Trek at this point. As something to watch it may have been the more enjoyable of the series so far. I never felt board by the story and seeing the characters in a new environment was refreshing. Hoover another probe coming out of no where did feel unoriginal, at least the reason the probe was there could not be guessed based on president.

Star Trek VI: Undiscoverd country

This movie shows a more dystopian side of the Star Trek universe and a more diplomatic side. The inner workings of the universe and its politics is one of the things I love about the Star Wars universe. This movie shows more of that rather than the usual utopian vision of Star Trek. Along with that I loved the espionage and seeing the characters in a different light. It felt light. I was able to see what the universe could be. However I feel in all other respects this is only an average movie. Not the best in the series.

My Neighbor Totoro

The animation was beautiful. The story made me happy. This is a feel good film which indulges all of our childish fantasies. You are always happy to see the mystical Totoro on screen and if you ever feel board of the story the art is more than enough to keep you engaged. Joy and happiness in the face of sadness. My Neighbor Totoro is a piece of art. One more excellent film from studio Ghibili.

The Glass Onion

The Glass union is disadvantaged as it naturally is being compared to its predecessor knives out. I loved knives out it was an excellent piece. I think this installment in the series was a step-down. It felt less grounded, lots of the visuals were a little over the top for me. This can be justified by trying to show exorbitant wealth but it still took me out of the movie. I found that I came away from it less resolved than knives out and the twists and turns were quite as good. Now for the positive, it was a excellent movie. Janelle Monáe’s performance was great seeing her capture two different people in one role was new and refreshing. Daniel Craig as an analysis brought his all to the part of the detective. I think the writing was a little lackluster here and there (some jokes just weren’t funny) but as a whole was good and the same for the plot. Also with the writing built around Covid and the movie coming out after it was a little off The ending has me conflicted as it feels like Bron should have been put in jail, along with feeling that the “disruptures” got off a little easy. The twists weret great. The performances were good but the movie unexceptional.

Time Bandits

This film can be succinctly described as the twice-removed cousin of the Monty Python anthology, which happened to flourish into a work of bizarre whimsy with a capricious plot cementing itself as a fantastic fantasy film. Its director Terry Gilliam, is the component of the pythons who was responsible for the otherworldly paper animations of their films. Now take those animated segments of the oh-so-influential comedies that make up, give those segments budget, plot, 110 minutes of run time, and a little insanity you have a damn good fantasy. I will admit I left the whole ordeal a little stunned having had zero preparation. My experience was comparable to that of a student going into a final exam without a pencil, a minute of studying, or a clue of the content of the class or the even of their major. However, this is the way to approach this movie. It’s a fantasy made by Monty’s mad scientist, my advice let go of the expectation of direction. At least in the beginning (and the end, perhaps the bit in the middle), if you try to get a grasp all the good bits will fall through your fingers like sand (or the dust left behind when the last chunk of evil zaps your kitchen appliance’s obsessed parents to dust).

I would like to take a moment of your time (among those I have already stolen) to talk about the visuals and now that I consider it the plot. If you have ever seen Labyrinth (1986) (the one where David Bowie is evil), this is a little visually reminiscent, yet very distinct. That is to say, the practical effects are mind-boggling and add a palpable amount of richness to the whole film. If nothing else you should watch this film only to enjoy the brilliant visuals. This may just be the trademark of 80’s fantasy, if it is I am very excited for a long and winding rabbit hole. When it comes to the plot it’s not bad I just did not leave it thinking what a developed character, more so what is this 11-year-old gonna do without his parents. If you try you can extract a lesson something along the lines of friends over treasure, or good over treasure, or good over evil, or pragmatic creators over evil, perhaps reject kitchen appliances. Honestly, all I got was Sean Connery, enough for me. 

I’ll spare more detail because (I don’t care for the idea of more writing and) it will blunt the sharp poke of entertainment that this movie embodies on a first watch with little to no background. Good luck.